Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's Take On the Establishment

Let's take on the task of setting people straight. A group of friends coming together to give the 'everyman' (no sexes excluded) a reliable take on anything new and noteworthy in the entertainment industry. No more bloated, stilted preaching on what one may have learned in film school but couldn't put into practice. Instead as a group of film and music fans we can collectively give our opposing views and let the readers decide. We will see these films and listen to these CD's early and with the people. Then post our opinions on the most important attributes of entertainment, being watchability or listenability. Of course we will not hold back on weaknesses and the absurd. Let me know lads if you are interested in taking part, and we will set down some ground rules and put this baby in motion.

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  1. The esteemed GMoney joins the critique group at Let's Set It Straight. Tune in for our first review of Xmen Origins - Wolverine.