Thursday, August 20, 2009

500 Days of Summer

Gentlemen, if you have too see one movie this summer with your significant other, this is the one to see.
The plot gives us two leads Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Their relationship is less than normal and miles apart from those of traditional film roles (key word 'film'). Here we have the emotional and sensitive man demanding commitment while the woman wants to keep it casual. Although this happens all the time in the real world we seldomly see this at the movies. Forgetting Sarah Marshall had a slightly different plot but is another good example of role reversal. To keep this spolier free, I don't want to get into specifics but the film provides a steady diet of interesting takes of peaks and valleys within this relationship, and that of Gordon-Levitt and his two best male friends that provide the intermittant comic relief.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a star. This picture, 2005's Brick and 2007's The Lookout have people taking notice. Granted few have seen these films, but the acclaim from critics and independent film fans will certainly catch the attention of big studio directors and thus more visable roles. I'm not sure though that Gordon-Levitt will embrace this exposure as I am under the impression that his acting style of loosely knit intensity might be more suited to independent film roles. I know I am reading a lot into an actor with such a young career, however I get the feeling he is more suited to a Sean Penn type career path with challenging choices or high quality rather than high profile roles.

Zooey on the other hand is as exotic and quirly in her mannerisms and acting style that her name flower-child name suggests. She is solid and perfectly casted as this willful yet carefree experimenting single.

Overall, I hope for big things from this movie and it certainly appears to be gathering momentum. It certainly can't be described as formulaic, but it should benefit from the heavy trailer promotion it has been getting. Here's crossing my fingers. Given the genre this film is in I out of 10.

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