Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Road

Although I haven't seen this film yet, I thought I would mention that the great Roger Ebert has, and I encourage all to read his review. From my experience with the novel and Roger's review I can assert that Roger truly understood the book and as a result it enriches his fine review. Here it is:
I'll return soon once i have the opportunity to see Cormac's work put on the screen.


  1. I have issues going to see a movie or reading a book that the troglodyte of modern soccer mom literature Oprah approves of. Plus it has hidden religious overtones and that sappy pang of American "try your hardest and you'll succeed", Forrest Gumpism that makes me roll my eyes and want to vomit.

    But hey, maybe its okay (ha ha!)

  2. Yes I am completely with you on the Oprah thing. It saddened my to see that she endorsed the book. The part that pissed me off even more was that she removed the pulitzer price logo and replaced it with her 'O' logo.
    I read the book prior to the Oprah endorsement and to its credit it is a masterpiece. I only hope that the movie can do it justice.