Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

This great little throw back stop-motion animation picture has got me thinking well after seeing it. The more I think about this good-for-all-ages movie the more I like it. The characters surprise you by seeming more lifelike and genuine than any Pixar picture. The small puppet-like creatures have a texture and quirky way that gives off a warmth that can't be replicated with cartoon or CGI animation.
An endearing quality of this film is that we can relate to the characters. We have a man who is going through mid-life crisis and questioning the legacy of his accomlishments. The fox battles father/son tension, career/instinct identity crisis, and the kind of thrill seeking that comes with age and overwhelming need to prove to oneself that you are still alive, daring and a force. The son feels different and inadequate while struggling for his father's attention and comparing himself to his more capable and athletic cousin.
This is just a few examples of the slice of life problems that the characters face through which its safe to say that Wes Anderson the director may have been cleverly providing us with life lesson.
Let me also add that this film is funny and will keep the attention of your children for an hour and a half. George Clooney is a natural and so is the supporting staff.
So I say see this film with the family if you are looking for something different that I can predict will make you feel good and wholoesome.

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