Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here we have a romantic comedy with a story that plods along just fast enough to keep us rooting for its real and likeable characters. Steve Zahn is brilliant. He has has had a healthy career as a supporting actor, but teh limelight has seemed to elude his efforts. I first saw him in 1994 in the teen angst flick Reality Bites. I remember him stealing many scenes. The always memorable Zahn may have finally gotten the lead role that he deserves. This recognition seems to have paid off on a few more lead roles still in pre-production; Salesmen (2010) and Johnny Kidd(2011). He also seems to have landed a reoccuring character in the new highly anticipated HBO series "Treme". Now Jennifer Aniston doesn't lack any star power, however this and other film roles seem to provided her with the credibility of being a fine actor and not just a TV comedy icon. I have liked her in the following, Derailed, The Good Girl, and Office Space. Aniston and Zahn play off of each other well here and emit the chemistry that first time director Stephen Belber needed. Look out for him, this is an impressive first crack at the camera.