Saturday, April 10, 2010


Reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange this bit of true life is both eerie and amusing at the same time. Bronson is the story of Michael Peterson a UK teen who originally was sentenced to 7 years for armed robbery and has since spent 34 years in prison (30 of which in solitary confinement). His infamous need to be bad ass, celebrity and own the label as the county's most dangerous inmate is what is keeping him behind bars. Warning, you may not like this movie. There are many seemingly senseless beatings, and strange theatre dream sequences you will have to endure to absorb the film maker's full desired affect. In the journey however is one overpowering redeeming quality to this movie and that is the brilliance of Tom Hardy's performance. To pull this role off he could only do one thing. Become Michael Peterson and his alter ego Bronson. There are two central themes here, violence and rock star celebrity. The later being the only possible motivating factor for Michael Peterson's behaviour. Perhaps the film maker or Peterson himself want to draw attention to how the media can incite stardom to those that are not deserving, bringing to light the criticism that by continually printing the details of tragedy the media fuels the ego of the criminal. The only part of that theory that does not make sense is that for Peterson to bask in light of fame he would need to spend more time out of solitary confinement. Perhaps fame can live alone in one's thoughts, even for 30 years.
If you can stand it, watch this movie.

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