Saturday, April 10, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

It wasn't that long ago (pre Pixar) when the animated genre couldn't catch a break. No matter how entertaining the movie the animated picture historically drew lackluster critical acclaim. Now it seems that the genre enjoys critical acclaim even when the movie fails to live up to our wishes or the expectations set by critics themselves. DreamWorks does earn its metacritic score of 74. A movie like Up sports an 88. Now for entertainment value these two are on par. What sets them apart is that Up and many of the other Pixar pictures like Wall-E embody something more. That special something is a message or lesson to be learned from its characters. Wall-E spoke of the drone affect of dependence on technology, while Up showed us that we are never too old to have dreams. This is what great movies are made of.

There is a bit of a message about the value of being different and that through your own dreams you can often fulfill your dreams or gain the admiration of others. These are admirable but not exactly something that will stick with you. The main character Hiccup is likable and faces the challenge of acceptance and finding a place in his tribe. These are familiar and identifiable barriers facing every generations adolescents.

This is one to see on the big screen especially the great airborne sequences where the 3D technology really breathes.
Many kids movies can be skipped in favour of the DVD release. This one needs to be seen at the cinemas.

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