Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Election must be called immediately - The Conservatives have lost the confidence of the house

A friend of mine sent Mr. Ignatieff the following email in response to the Conservatives kill of the climate bill.

Please give your comments.

Dear Mr Ignatieff,
I implore you to introduce a non-confidence motion at the earliest possible opportunity in response to the Prime Minister's complete contempt of parliament, democracy and the Canadian public with his inexcusable use of the Senate to kill the climate bill passed by the House of Commons as reported in the Globe and Mail newspaper today. In a manner that would befit a George Orwell plot, the Prime Minister who once hectored the electorate about the need for an "equal, effective, and elected" senate proceeds to use the unequal, unelected, but quite effective senate to thwart the will of parliament, and the majority of Canadians and kill the climate bill which in itself was unacceptable compromise jeopardizing the future of my children. The Prime Minister has succeeded in manipulating democracy to proclaim that "the earth is flat" to further his agenda. Mr. Harper needs to be introduced to the concept of an equal effective and elected House of Commons and as the Leader of Her Majesty's loyal opposition it is your responsibility to hold the government to account. I cannot think of a greater failure than to refuse to accept this responsibility and defeat the government. The future will judge your leadership on this issue either as the newly elected Prime Minister or the previous leader of the Liberal party.
Thank you for your time

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