Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Oh where have you been Jim Caviezel.
Dating back to 1998 Jim was sitting on top of the cinematic world with his solid work in The Thin Red Line, Frequency, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Passion of the Christ.
In the last two he played the lead in probably one of the greatest stories ever told and then the greatest character in the most important story ever told. Quite the start to his film resume.
Since then he has been in a series of unimportant movies that have done nothing to bolster his reputation.
Being in his prime he as a chance rekindle his career. Outlander will not be that springboard. I was however mildly entertained in that sci-fi/viking action flick. Jim was strong as an action star and was surrounded by some interesting supporting staff.
Most notable are the raven beauty love interest Sophia Myles and grizzly cool Jack Huston who reminds me of Gary Oldman in the good old days when he played damaged characters like 1990's 1990 State of Grace one of my all time favourites.
This isn't an endorsement but rather a suggestion if you are looking for an action movie that does not require you to think too much.

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