Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Source Code

Ok, this was an excellent movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes alternate reality movies and the science of time manipulation (like in Inception). This movie is not as visually spectacular as Inception but might have dealt with the science part of its plot with more affect.

I am now going into my theory of the story line and encourage the debate, so please comment. If however you have not already seen this movie I am asking that you quit reading and instead watch the movie and check back to comment. ...............................

My theory is a rather straight forward one. Colter Stevens did in fact die (as evident in Christina's revelation to him from her web query, and Colter's subsequent conversation with his father (who was voiced over by Scott Bakula, also with his own Quantum Leap abilities)). The last 8 minutes of his memory is kept alive and is being tapped into by the source code scientists to try and solve or prevent this terrorist bombing incident. Each time Colter leapt into this past reality he was creating a new reality or timeline. Each of these timelines ended when the bomb went off. In the last timeline (the one in which Colter finally was able to eliminate both bombing threats) we do not have the 8 minutes sequence ending explosions to worry about and as Goodwin turned off the machine there was no comatose reality for him to return to. Instead he lives on in this alternate reality or timeline as Sean Fentress. Yes, I am suggesting that there are multiple timelines going on here. A separate timeline exists with Sean, Christina, Goodwin and a comatose Colter. All other timelines ceased to exist with each explosion.

As for the email that Colter sends Goodwin. This comes to her in a reality where the source code had not been tested yet and the bombings have been averted, with a comatose Colter waiting for his first mission. Watch that part of the movie again and you will notice not only Goodwin's surprise but her struggle to figure the message out. You will also hear the doctor concede that the will have to find another threat to test the source code out on.

What do you think?


  1. I disagree with your conclusion that Colter continues on in his own timeline as Sean Fentress. If this were true, what happened to the real Sean Fentress? How come he doesn't get to live on? The movie shows Colter as Sean living on with the girl but still with his own memories of his father and the source code. If this were its own new timeline there were have to be some explanation of where Sean Fentress' consiousness had gone.

    Editorial note: your recap has an inaccuracy. The last 8 minutes belong to Sean and not Colter. Again, no respect for my man Sean "the fortress" Fentress as we used to call him in high school.

    There. Someone finally commented.

    btw: Dino knows...nothing!

  2. Thank you Anonymous.
    Yes I see what you are saying here with the bit about Sean having his own consciousness. In the classic timeline theory (and it is just a theory), Sean can still have his consciousness in the pre-Colter impacted timeline while Colter has absorbed his consciousness in the new timeline. There are multiple potential timelines I this movie and in many of them Sean dies in the explosion. I would have to see the movie again to expalin my theory further as I cannot remember the exact sequences, but at the time I thought it made perfect sense. BTW you can follow all of the posts by entering your email address in the 'Follow by Email' field in the top right.

  3. The problem for my hommie Sean is that in ALL your proposed timelines, Sean dies or has his consious stolen by Colter and the source code. Why him? You suggesting the scientists of the source code get to play God and select who gets to live and who get's their mind stolen!

    Plus why didn't they use the source code to put Colter back in his own consious so that he could move his helicopter joystick to the left and avoid the missle that blew him up in the first place!

    Now I'm just starting to cut up a movie that I loved in the first place!

    Chris out...