Sunday, September 11, 2011

Entourage Finale

If you have PVR'd tonight's show please do not read this until after you have seen it.

I know that the majority of fans will not like the finale, but after just having seen it and given it some thought, I'm quite OK with it. No great surprise, we got what we expected. A world that is falling apart for all the characters, yet behold the boys pull out a happy ending. Granted there were plenty of moments that asked us to suspend our belief, but on a whole the characters run their gamete of malfunction and make the necessary sacrifices to get their happy payoff.

But if you were expecting something else, something more realistic, then you were clearly watching the wrong show for years. I think what attracted us all to the mystique of the show originally was the derived voyeur satisfaction of feeling we as the viewer were a part of the behind the scenes life of a star's entourage. And maybe the struggles that they faced was the writers' way to keep us hooked. We all secretly knew they were going to fight their way out of every mess. It was a journey of the blessed.

That aside, I do get the feeling that we are going to see the franchise evolve into feature films as the die hards will certainly provide the necessary demand. Also does anyone else think that the last scene after the credits, point to Ari getting his own show? Comments?

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