Thursday, December 8, 2011

Save Community

NBC recently announced that they were "benching" what I consider the most consistently funny and innovative comedy on television. They promise that they are not cancelling the critically acclaimed show Community (Thursdays at 8:00 pm) and plan to bring it back in the future, most likely at a new time and night. Tonights Christmas episode was brilliant. It poked fun at Glee and offered off the wall musical numbers. No other show would dare attempt something this brave, and pull it off in such zany style. I pray this gem is spared as I fear that like Arrested Development before it, both shows sported a very similar loyal group of supporting fans, however in the eyes of the executives these groups might not prove to be big enough. So please take every opportunity presented to watch this show. It might take you a while to buy into the show's unique style and brand of humour, but if you are patient you will be very satisfied.

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