Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Greetings.  I have not written anything for a while and thought I would give a quick rundown of movies and  new tube programming that I have found interesting and/or enjoyable. 

First of all, I recently caught Cabin in the Woods.  Although I might not have been as overpowered by this as some of the critic reviews I have read, I can tell you that as a whole it was a good movie going experience.  Much of the scenes and memorable moments of this movie have been done quite well before within the genre.  But what makes this film unique is that it combines many styles, scenes and sub-plots into one movie going experience.  It almost seems as though the film maker Drew Goddard, was paying homage to all of the horror and sci-fi suspense flicks that influenced him.  In here, there are elements of other classics in the genre such as Saw, The Truman Show, Evil Dead, and any college kid spring break slasher movie. It even steals from Scooby-Doo for goodness sake.  If I have any real criticism, its that just when the film is gathering suspenseful steam, it breaks away to the puppeteers in the lab.   Now the string pullers are perfectly played by Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford,.  They provide most of the comic relief which is needed in such a bloodbath however their constant interruption seems to throw down snares in the horror plot's pace.  I did however enjoy the recipe of creepy secluded cabin, foreboding dock on a dark silent lake, range of emotionless killing monsters, the jock, the sweetheart, the sexpot and even a pot head cerebral hero.  All in all you will have some fun but could probably wait for this to come to video.

In Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol I might have found my favourite chapter of the MI franchise.  Poor Tom Cruise is looking a little stretched.  As Bilbo put it 'pulled and stretched over metal'.  (Sorry I don't know where that came from.)  However Tom still delivered, and for once the MI storyline was focused.  The action and stunt scenes were both incredible and as hard to believe as ever.  I really love a great villain.  This evil genius was of little consequence and really seemed secondary to the action.  However the action was enough.  Sometimes the female leads seems out of place in action pictures. In this case Paula Patton was believable and easy to look at.  Jeremy Renner is always good and Simon Pegg provided just enough comic relief to briefly interrupt dramatic pace.  See it on video.

HBO's second season of Game of Thrones has taken off where it left off last season.  Great story and beautiful production.  The pace is rather slow in the first few episodes, but I think I like where they are going.  Enough corruption and bloodshed to keep any viewer happy.  It is also interesting how the character Tyrion is building and how strong women characters continue to be introduced each episode.

VEEP is another HBO show.  Two episodes in and I'm still feeling it out to determine if it will have consistent writing and staying power.  So far, I like the quick wit and the characters.  Its a political mock comedy and brings back Julia Louis-Dreyfus who is a comic natural and should always be on TV.  You will also find the saucer eyes and larger than life lips of Anna Chlumsky of My Girl fame, who does a great job at her right hand.  It seems like a far less serious West Wing, but still has spirit.  Let me know what you think.

Girls is yet another HBO show that keeps me up late on Sunday nights.   I'm even more interested in this show.  The creator, writer, star and director of this project is Lena Dunham. Man am I impressed with what she is delivering here.  The writing is top notch, insightful, real and funny.  I laugh, out loud often while watching.  In my opinion this is what Sex In the City should be like.  I am sure all women can relate more with the girls of Girls than the unreal shoe obsessed characters of Sex in the City.  What the characters of Girls ponder and complain about is probably more realistic and less pathetic than the S in C dialogue.  I have only watched two episodes, so it may be too early to tell but this dark comedy and Lena's genius remind me of how Ricky Gervais broke out with The Office.  I really hope you and enough other people watch this show and keep it on the air.

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