Monday, May 21, 2012

SNL and Kristen Wiig

This season's finale of Saturday Night Live was the best I had seen in quite some time.  Who would have thought that Mick Jagger was so funny and surprisingly comfortable with making fun of himself. in many of the jokes, poking fun at his contorting dancing and facial expressions, even his much rumoured sexuality.  The show had many funny and memorable moments.  The music acts were as Steven Tyler puts it 'over the top'  with collaborations of Mick with the Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire and the legendary and totally singular Jeff Beck.  Of course Steven Tyler did not escape un-parodied when Mick poked fun of his hair-brained judging comments in an Idol skit. 
Andy Samberg displayed his off-kilter genius with another Digital Short video teamed with Jason Sudeikis in a tribute rap to white rap champions The Beastie Boys.
Most memorable was the sendoff tribute to Kristen Wiig who IMO is the most natural female comic I have seen in a long time.  I see her tearing up the screen in the future in both comedy and serious roles.  Sorry tried to embed the video with no luck 'in our area'.  Yes, don't trust them Canadians.

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