Saturday, July 21, 2012

Batman 3 The Dark Knight Rises

This installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies falls a little short of the previous two, however that's a minor quibble.  Story was a little drawn out and the action sporadic, however the performances and dialogue were top notch.  Bale was again good.  Caine had an expanded role and as always filled the screen with his talent.  I usually really like Cotillard, however she may have been a bit mis-cast.  Nolan has a tenancy to do that with his female supporting staff.  Gyllenhaal was really off in the previous movie.  Unlike a bunch of other reviewers I liked Bain and Tom Hardy's portrayal of him. His dramatic dialogue was pretty spooky and cool, and there is only so much you can pull off with that mask.

The film does however suffer a bit from 'more is less' syndrome.

Overall entertainment value 7.5 with a historical significance of 7.0 (grand as it was in scope it might be the one that is forgotten of the three.)

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