Sunday, July 15, 2012

London Boulevard

Well a mildly entertaining film.  Started off really cool with a Guy Ritchie (at his best) pace and feel.  You could easily get the best of this movie by fast forwarding to the Colin Farrell/Ray Winstone exchanges.  These were really well done with cool tart dialogue.  Both can pull off tough guys really well.  Reminded me of the exchanges in Departed which it comes as no surprise that it was written by the same person William Monahan. 


This movie: Entertainment Value of 6.5 and historical film significance of 6.0 (only for the cool, tough guy exchanges)


An additive that I found and thought was also kind of cool.  A quote from William Monahan.

I wanted to be an old-fashioned man of letters, so I essentially prepared myself very carefully through my 20s for a job that doesn't exist anymore; You may be able to find a man of letters in Syria or the Horn of Africa, but you could work Manhattan or London with dogs for a year and never find one. Anthony Burgess is dead, Vidal is the last lion, and at any rate belles-lettres aren't where they were left. Anyway, I'm making movies now. Just before all this happened, I thought, 'Out of everything you can do or think you can do, pick one thing and be it.' What I picked was to be the screenwriter.

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