Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Hobbit

Wow, I'm not quite sure what critics expect from Peter Jackson.  No one else wanted to tackle this monster of a task and Jackson pulled it off to perfection.  If this film was horribly acted, poorly adapted and altogether boring, the accomplishment of finishing it and bringing new industry standards (which may take 20 years to surpass) should be enough to put all critics on their knees to worship him.  Instead he gets no respect.  He should be celebrated as the next Spielberg instead of treated like Michael Bay.  Bay directs visually stimulating films but falls short on all the other elements of film (like acting, dialogue, story, believability etc.).  Jackson delivers visually stimulating films that challenge and surpass Bay's accomplishments and also provides epic stories (and believe me the coordination of the adaption of the Tolkien's books is not an easy thing to pull off), memorable acting and casting as well as an historically enduring piece of cinema that will be spoken of in 100 years time.  I believe that if Tolkien was alive today he would only allow Jackson to direct as he remains true to the intent and story and as a matter of fact brings together story lines not covered in the books but instead dug out of the author's personal notes.

For those that complained it was boring, I have to ask if there is any fantasy storyline that would satisfy them.  Perhaps this type of story just isn't for you?  I was floored by how much action this movie had packed into it.  The action was brilliant but spaced acceptably apart from each other in order to develop story.  Jackson compromised on nothing.  See this film if you like fantasy or sci-fi.  Fans of the books will be very satisfied.

And after seeing this film ask yourself one important question.  Do you think anyone will ever attempt to shoot a remake of this film.  If your answer is 'no' then I guess this is the best it can be or ever will be.   

Just a typical example of stunning scenery.  Enjoy. 

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