Tuesday, March 11, 2014

True Detective **Spoiler alert***

I was blown away by the season finale. 
I am so glad that they did not go the mystical, obscure Twin Peaks way, and instead stayed with straight forward realism.  The only thing outer worldly was the characters, which is what you want out of a crime drama.  Like the Sherlock series, the success of crime stories is built on strong characters that you can care about.  The crime, although fierce and haunting took a back seat to the two timeless characters and the odd relationship they build.  Built on trust, loneliness and a bond that only two soldiers can evolve into after suffering great loss together.
McConaughey was brilliant in the last scene.  So brilliant that I might rank it up there with the best two person scenes that I have ever seen.  For that Harrelson deserves his credit as well for sticking with him.
Although I accepted the applauded the way the story ended, I did not want to see the chemistry of the relationship ever end.  Let's hope Nic Pizzolatto has some more magic left in him with his next installment of the series.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Who Is True Detective's Yellow King? Here Are Our 6 Favorite Theories | Underwire | Wired.com


Great article. Warning: although this is not a spoiler‎, the theories are pretty solid and I would be very surprised if one wasn't dead on. 
I have been thinking theory one for a long time which probably means it's not it. Too obvious. 

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